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Will Shari’a Robo-advisors Replace Shari’a Advisors?

I met few young Shari’a graduates during a Fintech forum recently. They expressed their concerns about their career as Shari’a scholars in Islamic finance....

Crypto Currencies New DNA

Dr. Hylmun Izhar Senior Economist at IRTI, IDB Group The unprecedented hype of cryptocurrency over the past few years coupled with an increasing prominence of...

Shari’a & Technology

The Birth of Shari’a Technician In IBF, Shari’a and technology must go along each other, as failing this will give rise to lack of innovation...

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology

A Shari’a Analysis And Their Applications In Islamic Finance Virtual currencies and blockchain have dominated headlines with many citing them as heart of the Fourth...

Bitcoin, A Perspective Of Economics And Islamic Law

At present, specialists are hamstrung from offering a Sharʿi opinion on the production of Bitcoin by the sheer abundance of questions around this electronic...

Building Online Trust Via Shari’a Compliant E-commerce

The presence of trust hugely determines the uptake of e-commerce in today’s world. Indeed, trust has a significant impact on customers’ motivation, acceptance and...

Fintech Set To Become A Gamechanger For Islamic Wealth Management

KEY MESSAGES: Although Islamic FinTech is still very new, it is a huge opportunity for Islamic finance to expand and engage more segments of society,...


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