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GIFR 2021


An Overview of the Global Islamic Financial Services Industry

The real thing about Islamic finance is that it is not only about Islamic finance. Islamic finance is in reality a peaceful contribution to...

Islamic Finance Country Index-IFCI 2021

This year’s Islamic Finance Country Index (IFCI) is based on our 2011 index, with two major adjustments in the methodology over the last 10...

Gold-Based Productive Waqf

The Case of Ubaid Waqf Economy Model It is an ardent desire of many Muslims to witness the realization of a true Islamic economy that...

Potential Applications of Digital Technology in Islamic Social Finance

With the need to manage efficiency, liquidity and financial risks, treasurers are always on the lookout for new solutions to meet such objectives. Banks...

Climate Remediation and Circular Economy

Reframing Islamic Finance Architecture and Infrastructures Introduction It is widely recognized that the earth, human civilization, and other species are currently going through the epoch of...

Opportunities to Align the Practice of Islamic Finance with SDGs in a Post-COVID World

Introduction COVID-19 has appeared to bring back the poverty clock, unemployment, low per capita income, financial instability, and inflation even in developed economies. This pandemic...

Sustainable Synergies between Islamic Social Finance and Bankable Nature Solutions

Introduction Our world faces major challenges. The negative impacts that arise from biodiversity loss and climate change are felt by nature and people across the...


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