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ISFIRE Vol 5 – Issue 4 December 2015


Sedco Capital The Torch-bearer Of Ethical Investing

SEDCO Capital leads a small number of asset managers in IBF, which have shown huge commitment to ethical investing and ESG issues as part...

Transformation Of Agrobank- A Story Of Leadership And Success

With the establishment of the first Islamic commercial bank in Dubai in 1976, Islamic banking has made significant inroads into the mainstream global financial...

Interview With Sheikh Nedham Yaqubi

  Sheikh Nedham Yaqubi-renowned Shari’a Scholar Your family background? I am a Bahraini and my family history goes back to the Abbasid dynasty. Immediately before settling in...

Sheikh Nedham Yaqubi-renowned Shari’a Scholarislamic Finance: Is It About How Fast To Get There?

In the June 2015 issue, we highlighted that there is an opportunity to properly groom today’s students in becoming investors and part of the...

Sedco Capital Prudent Ethical Investing Pioneered By A Leader in Islamic Asset Management

In the last two decades Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Shari’a-compliant investing have been the two fastest-growing areas of finance and showed resilience...

The Need And Rationale For Setting Up An Islamic Diaspora Bank- Professor Humayon Dar

Muslim diasporas are in huge number. This is primarily due to conflicts in the Muslim lands but other factors include lack of economic opportunities...

A Conventional Banker’s Unfinished Journey Into Islamic Banking – Sunusi Saleh Dan-alhaji

There are thousands of conventional bankers who aspire to play a role in the fast-growing Islamic banking industry, but the circumstances in which they...


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